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Plumbing Services Are Done Right at C.W. Plumbing LLC

When you need plumbing for Lincoln, ME, and the surrounding areas, make the call to C.W. Plumbing LLC. Whether you own a home or business, having reliable plumbing is important. There are, unfortunately, times when your pipes and plumbing systems fail. If cold weather freezes your pipes or your drains require cleaning, reach out to our staff.

Our plumbers can handle a wide variety of plumbing repair and installation needs. Whether you are building a new structure, remodeling, or need a repair, trust us. There is no problem too big or too small for us. When you have plumbing issues, reach out to us at (207) 290-4182 to schedule an appointment or contact us online. We are also available with 24-hour emergency services.

Taking Care of a Variety of Plumbing Repairs for Home and Business

Obtaining reliable plumbing repairs does not have to be difficult. Let the specialists at C.W. Plumbing LLC take a closer look at your issues. We handle sewer and drain cleaning, drain repair, water treatment, frozen pipes, and more. Each of these situations comes with its own unique challenges, and we have the knowledge and expertise to handle all of them.

Our plumbing contractors use great attention to detail in every job that we do. We carefully examine each project and get the work done in a timely manner. This minimizes the damage that you deal with, so you are not paying a more expensive bill later.

Installing Quality Plumbing During Your Bathroom Remodel and More

You may be undertaking some form of new construction. It could be a new home, office building, apartment complex, or anything in between. Or you may also be undertaking some form of renovation. No matter which position you are in, we are ready to handle your plumbing needs.

Our contractors can handle bathroom remodels, new pump installation, and other construction projects. Count on us to use quality materials, including Goulds pumps for sewer and draining cleaning. Even after we complete the project, we can help you to maintain the systems with winterization. This will maximize your investment for years to come.

Backed up and clogged sewers are not fun for anyone whether you own a house or a commercial property. Our specialists can treat a wide range of issues, including tree root intrusion, grease buildup, foreign objects, and sediment accumulation. We ensure that we thoroughly clean your sewer and drains, restoring proper flow and preventing potential damage. We also offer regular sewer and drain cleaning services to keep your plumbing system in optimal condition.

Clean and safe water is crucial for maintaining the health and well-being of your household or business. We offer comprehensive water testing and treatment systems to address any water quality concerns you may have. Our experienced team understands the importance of accurate water testing to identify potential contaminants. The contaminants include bacteria, heavy metals, and chemicals that may be present.

Count on C.W. Plumbing LLC for expert plumbing for Lincoln, ME.