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Drain Repair and Frozen Pipes
- in Bangor, ME; Brewer, ME; and Orono, ME -

Keep Your Drains and Pipes Flowing at C.W. Plumbing LLC

Get help with drain repair and frozen pipes in Bangor, ME; Brewer, ME; and Orono, ME; from C.W. Plumbing LLC. Have you noticed backup in your drains, or is cold weather taking its toll on your pipes? No one enjoys the problems that come with malfunctioning drains and frozen pipes. It leaves a mess in your home or business; it also can leave a mess on your property and in your wallet.

Rely on us to handle these issues the right way. If you are having plumbing problems, reach out to us at (207) 290-4182 or contact us online to schedule an appointment. We are also available for 24-hour emergency services.

Get Your Pipes Flowing Right at Home or Work in Brewer, ME

Limited water flow, bulging pipes, and condensation are some of the common signs that you have frozen pipes. If you are noticing these in Brewer, ME, that means trouble for your plumbing system. Pipes do not always burst, but that does not mean they will not experience other issues.

Our plumbing contractors have a wide range of frozen pipe solutions. We use a variety of options to get the water flowing as it should. This saves you from more costly repairs. We also assist with winterization to keep your pipes warm during those cold weather months.

Handling Drain Repairs on Your Property in Orono, ME

Backedup drains are not fun for anyone. Some common signs include slow drainage, water and waste backup, and low water pressure. Even dealing with foul smells is a sign that you need to reach out to us.

We know what to look for when your drains are backed up. Our staff keeps unwanted waste and standing water from building up on your property. Get your quality drain repairs done with fast and friendly service at an affordable price.

Rely on C.W. Plumbing LLC for quality help with drain repair and frozen pipes in Bangor, ME; Brewer, ME; and Orono, ME.